The Case For The Congo

The cover was created by M Kadima.

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The fight against US imperialist system. The battle for a PanAfrican renaissance.

Genocides, crimes against humanity, looting of mining resources, economic predation, mass rapes, massacres, decay of the State, impoverishment of the population, loss of meaning, collapse of values: The situation of the Congo-Kinshasa and the Congolese people challenges consciousnesses.

With a potential that would make the country a paradise for its inhabitants, ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the African continent and feed the whole world, when will this giant of Africa awaken? Why, on the contrary, does the DR Congo seem to be experiencing an inescapable descent into hell and heading towards an endless abyss?

As an answer to these questions, Jean-Pierre Mbelu shares his insights and proposals, with a triple ambition:
– To shed historical, geopolitical and cultural light on the multiple challenges that the Congo and the Congolese people are facing.
– To provide a guide of actions and initiatives to reinvent the future of the Congo, at the individual and collective level.
– To initiate and develop the conversation on the necessary rebuilding of relations between the Congolese and the effective construction of a pan-Africanism of the peoples, for an African renaissance.

More than a book, «The case for the Congo» is both an Idea box to reinvent the Congo and Africa.

Released : May 2024

Author: Jean-Pierre Mbelu
Foreword: Kambale Musavuli
Publisher: Congo Lobi Lelo

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ISBN : 978-2957698172
Dimensions : 155*220 mm
Number de pages : 256 pages
Price : 20 euros/USD (print version), 7,99 euros (eBook)

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